Hi, I'm Sal. Stay at home mum of two and quickly developing into a bit of a craft addict.

So why am I starting this blog? Since being at home with the boys I have developed a bit of a passion for babywearing. From this then came an interest in dyeing my babywraps and from there I'm slowly branching out into all sorts of other crafty things. So it is to really keep some sort of record of the crafting work I am doing at the moment and keep me motivated to produce more and improve my techniques etc. I am mainly doing quilting and sewing at the moment though I do have an interest in dyeing and felt making alongside this.

Initially I went back to my first crafty memories with my Gran in cake decorating and sugarcraft but my kitchen has been out of action due to renovation work for the last 12 months and the end is nowhere near insight (unfortunately) so I have been trying to be a little creative in other ways. I never saw myself as a creative person (my husband is the artist) but in an effort to give myself a hobby, as I am a stay at home mum, and was finding my life was becoming solely children and child orientated things 24/7, I took a couple of courses in various crafty things and found I really enjoyed it (and could actually do it to which was a surprise).

I started relearning how to crochet (not very well) and knit (even worse) with my mum. My gran had taught me years ago but I had long since forgotten. So having failed to become proficient with crochet or knitting (though my mum is now totally addicted again - sorry mum) I turned my eyes to quilting instead and here have found a bit of a passion.  I’m not saying I’m the most talented person ever at what I do but I am finding it fun and relaxing which is all I really want from my crafting and am hoping to share a little of what I do here and hopefully track the progression and development of my skills (in theory I should get better anyway).

And so you all know the cause of my new crafting obsession. Here are the little terrors :)