Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 8

I'm afraid to say this week is a little thin on the ground as I've actually finished most of the things I've been actively working on this week (which is a yey really as I'll have stuff finished and can post on Friday but doesn't leave me much to post about here sorry). The only thing still going at the moment is my Bavarian shawl but I haven't gotten any further than last week as I've been finishing my blanket, cake topper and have made a peg bag also.

I am about to start a new shawl as part of a crochet-along. I'm going to be making the maia shawl and have bought some lovely kauni yarn to make it with in shades of purple-grey-black.

I also got some of the rainbow yarn and some pencil roving at the same time so need to think up something lovely to do with that as well :)

I will have a look at everyone's WIP over today and for more WIP posts please visit Tami's Blog

Monday, 29 August 2011

When chicken littles dad meets the bird of his dreams

So I was asked by a friend to make a cake topper for her wedding. But she wanted something a little different. She wanted the groom to be a chicken and the bride to be a pigeon. So having never made a wedding cake topper before I go and say yes. I mean I might as well jump in the deep end, not go for something plain and easy, that would be too simple :)

Well her wedding was on Sunday and I did manage to get it finished in time and am sooo pleased with how its turned out especially as its the first I've done.

What I didn't realise when I agreed to do it (and probably better that I didn't know really) was it was actually going on top of the cake. Eeeek. I thought I was just to go on the table standing at the side of the wedding cake until she told me as I dropped it off. I think had I known it was going to go on top I might not have done it so am glad in a way that bombshell was dropped at the end not the beginning.

Altogether I'm pleased I did it, it turned out really well. Now I just need to find more unsuspecting people who want me to make cake toppers for them as I enjoyed doing it LOL.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Lots of lovely things

Well I've had a few lovely things arrive here this week for me to have a play at crafting with.

I've got a drop spindle set from Nimu Yarns.  This does mean I now have to watch loads of youtube tutes on  how to use a drop spindle as I have no idea :) I did try this once at a craft fair when I was about 7, I remember the lady telling me I was really good and giving me a bag of wool to take home and have a go with. She told me I could make a drop spindle from a wooden knitting needle and a potato to practice with. I thought I'd be a bit posher and buy myself a nice wooden one this time though. The colours aren't coming out too well in my pics but they really are a lovely shade of blue, purple and green.

I also saw a pattern for a scoop neck top I wanted to knit on coatscrafts. The pattern called for Patons Morocco Aran yarn which happened to be on offer so ordered some in the green/magenta/lilac colourway.

I wasn't sure if I had all the right size double point needles and knew I definitely needed one of the circular sizes required which meant I got to do a bit of needle shopping too just to add to the lovely packages I got this week.

Now I just need to find the time inbetween everything else to actually make things :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 7

What have I been working on this week. Well my good intentions of finishing my Tunisian blanket haven't quite panned out as I planned and its still not finished. I am however down to the next to last colour so fingers crossed it will be done this week just the rest of the green and a cream stripe to go.

I have worked some more on my Bavarian crochet shawl which is coming along nicely though the yarn I'm using is starting to annoy me a little as it keeps splitting.

I have also been working on the wedding cake topper I was asked to make. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute the wedding is this weekend so I have to get it finished in the next couple of days or I'm going to have one unhappy bride.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 6

Well this week I have only really been working on my Tunisian crochet blanket. Its coming along really well and I'm hoping to get it finished this week. I've only got two and a bit more colours to add :)

For more WIP please see Tami's Blog

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 5

Bit of a brief post this week as I am away at my mums. This week I have been working some more on my Tunisian crochet blanket and have finished the next colour on it (only 5 more stripes to go)

I also started last night a Bavarian style crochet shawl. I have tried to pick some summery colours for this one as I already have quite a few dark coloured shawls and thought light colours would be nice for a change.

I still have all the rest of the things on the go I had last week as well apart from the knitting needle roll I finished last week.

For more WIP please see Tamis Blog I will try and look at everyone else's through today as I get chance :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Finished Objects Friday (Yey finally have something)

I actually have some things I can put on this week. Yey

I've finished my knitting needle roll for which I used the tutorial from the blog made by loulabelle. Its made with Alexander Henry bright on white cho cho butterflies fabric and a piece of dyed zara white (a babywrap) on a black background. The ribbon was some I found in the house. I had a little fun doing the edging with the ribbon as I have used bias binding when I made these before and the ribbon kept catching as I was sewing but I got there eventually.

I also finished one for my mum to match the project bag I made her for mothers day earlier this year.

For other finished items please see Tami's blog 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Apparently I'm now AurorMoon74 :)

Well I saw on a friends facebook about Pottermore JK Rowlings new Harry Potter project which according to the about page is

a unique online reading experience created by J.K. Rowling and built around the Harry Potter books. Share and participate in the stories, showcase your own Potter-related creativity, and discover additional information about the world of Harry Potter from the author herself. (see original page here)

During this week they are running a sort of competition where by answering a question and finding a magic quill you can have the chance to register early and test the site before its general launch in October. They are adding a question at a random time for a set number of people to register each day. Well having just been to see the film this week I thought I'd have a nosey at the site and actually managed to go on when the question was posted, and I knew the answer so I am one of the lucky few to be registered early for Pottermore and according to the site am now known as AurorMoon74 :)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 4

Well I haven't done a whole lot of crafty stuff these last couple of weeks due to being away but I have managed to work a little on my tunisian crochet blanket and am on colour number two. I'm finding it easier to do than standard crochet I think though I am only using the basic stitch for this blanket.

Whilest away we were given some free bags and I thought I'd try and spruce them up a bit as they are nice bags but I didn't really want them with the logos written all over them. So they have been in with some dye and are waiting now to have some bits and bobs added to brighten them up a bit. I also found a few other bags and a couple of hats so they went in as well. You can still see the logos but with a few pockets/accessories I'm sure they'll soon be hidden :)

The other things I've been working on is a knitting needle roll for my hooks and needles. I finished one for my mum last week and am halfway through one for me.

Other ongoing projects are my eldests quilt, kaleidoscope quilt, summer series quilt, cake topper (to be finished this evening hopefully) so got a bit to finish really.

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