Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday again

I've been mainly spinning this week. I've finished off spinning up the Wesley and Buttercup BFL I started last week and found some undyed roving (that I think is also BFL but I'm not 100% sure as it wasn't labelled) that I have spun and plyed the dyed fibre with and has made a lovely yarn. I'm really please with it though I'm not asking DH what he thinks again as his comment was well done you've made string LOL.

I've also spun up another fibre club I had in my stash. Its the November fibre club from playatlife fibre arts. Its mixed BFL dyed up in shades of red, brown, purple and green.

It started as this

and is now (bottom bobbin and bobbin on table)

I think I may try and get a nice brownish shade to spin up and ply with it rather than a paler cream.

I've taken part in a secret santa on NM's and my gifts are on there way to their recipient at the moment but mine arrived yesterday. I got a clothkits purse which I'm planning on having a go at later this week hopefully and should be useful as the size looks like it will be good for my crochet hooks and maybe a small pair of scissors, might stop me loosing them.

I've also made a Joseph costume this week for my Eldest who was playing Joseph in the Nursery Nativity. I went to see it this morning and the whole class were fab and so cute in all their costumes. 

I've still got a couple of shawls to finish and a quilt and tablecloth to make before Christmas and am thinking on making DH a Kindle cover if I can fit it in too. All really to be finished in the next week as the last week before Christmas is already a right off for crafting. Eek not going to do it am I.

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  1. Your spinning is gorgeous - definitely not string at all! Love the colours of the second one, and I think you are right about plying with something dark to really show it off :)

  2. Gorgeous hand-spun, never mind what DH says. I'm making a braid quilt which is going really quickly, and for my eReader I picked up a thick neoprene pencil case at the dollar store, then trimmed and hemmed it shorter. Perfect!