Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WIP: Different Lines

So its the first time in ages I've gotten round to posting about what I'm doing at the moment. And well I've finally learnt to knit, YEY. Its only taken I don't know how long but I was determined this time. 

I saw on one of the blogs I follow, Crafts from the Cwtch, that Sarah was doing a KAL for the Stripe Study Shawl. This is a shawl I've had in my Ravelry list of things to do for what seems like forever but as I never made myself sit down to learn to knit its never been made. Well Sarah's KAL made up my mind I was going to do it this time. 

So I bought the pattern...

and then chickened out as I didn't think I could do it :-(. 

Talking to my mum about it I said I wanted to learn but didn't think I could do the pattern and we came to a decision. We were going away for a weekend to Jersey, just the two of us, so why didn't I buy the stuff I would need and she would help me learn while I was away and if I ended up not liking knitting she would finish it for me. So I agreed but opted for the easier looking Different lines pattern also by Veera Valimaki rather than the Stripe Study shawl. I bought some lovely yarn from Nimu Yarns and headed off on holiday with my goodies all packed up. 

And so far its going well. I'm 12 stripes into it so not too much left to do. I've dropped a stitch a couple of times but think I've picked them back up ok (youtube was definitely my friend that day and I can't find where I did it now so taking it thats a good thing LOL) and hopefully it looks kindof like the patterns supposed too. 

I'm using the Mickleden sock yarn range from Nimu Yarns which is 100% superwash merino in colours shale and sea moss. It feels lovely and I like how its turning out anyway :-)

I've a few other things I'm planning on starting/finishing but am going to get this one done first. For more WIP posts please see Tami's Blog


  1. Great job!!!!

  2. oh you bad enabler, you make me want to try this pattern now too !

    1. Sorry :-)

      Have you seen Sarah's latest KAL, I want to try that one too. Am wondering if I'll be able to get my head round it now I've figured out this one might have a go I think

  3. It's really pretty. I have a lot of knitting insecurities but I would really like to join in with the Colour Affection KAL that Sarah is having next month. I was looking at possible yearns for it last night so I think I might be about to jump in at the deep end to!