Tuesday, 21 June 2011

OK so I have a blog.

Actually this is my second attempt, my first at the start of the year had a total of three posts before I failed miserably at keeping it up to date. I promise to do better this time honest.

Right so its time I actually got round to doing something with this blog I started putting together months ago then have never actually posted in. Hopefully you will see lots of lovely posts with all my crafty things in and probably bits about my life with my two boys. My crafty things currently consist of very enthusiastic attempts at patchwork. crochet, sometimes knitting, modelling with polymer clay the last few weeks and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy. I promise to be enthusiastic, not necessarily good though I'm afraid.

Other things important to me are my two boys who I expect will feature here at some point. I'm a stay at home mum so spend most of my time with my kids so alot of what I do centres around them. I am an avid babywearer now, not something I would have ever predicted along with the fact I ended up breastfeeding for alot longer than I planned, co-slept and even cloth nappied for a while - all of which prior to kids I would have laughed at the thought of doing, how things change when you have children eh? So am guessing these things may also pop up from time to time here also. So that's a bit about me hopefully you will find this interesting if not look at it this way at least reading this got you out of doing the washing/hoovering/cleaning/chores etc for ten minutes at least :)

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