Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Well its wednesday

After reading a few other blogs I was going to do a Work In Progress Wednesday type post today but seen as this would only be my second post on here I thought it might be a bit too soon to be committing myself to posting about what I was doing every week from here on in so figured lets give it a week or two and see how I'm doing. That and I've got no charge in the camera battery so can't actually take any pictures today of what I've been doing anyway ;)

I have managed to clear a huge space in the garden today though so am feeling very proud of myself and my horticultural genius that consisted of using a pair of loppers to remove any offending - and some unoffending but i just got carried away - plants in the garden. I'm sure my mum would be horrified at how I have gone about the gardening but I can see clear space so it works for me. I am now however feeling rather tired and a little sore from all the manual work I'm not used to doing so am off to bed with a jack and coke to hopefully get a little rest before the two darlings decide they want to come sleep in my bed again :)

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