Thursday, 8 September 2011

This is Late Thursday

Right so this was supposed to be my WIP (work in progress) Wednesday post but unfortunately it was a little delayed due to the fact my youngest decided to pick a fight with my new kitchen floor.

Roo: 0 Kitchen Floor: 1 = trip to A & E

So instead of WIPW I am having a This Is Late Thursday post instead :)

Well what have I worked on this week. I've been working at the Maia Shawl as part of the NaturalMamas CAL and its going really well. When I started it I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it at all as its seemed a little complicated from the first few rows, and I got a little confused with the instructions by row 6 as I couldn't understand how to get 17 stitches into the 15 I seemed to have (I did have 17 actually I just wasn't counting 2 of them, Silly me). So by the end of my first go at it I thought this is going to be a really long project and I bet I don't finish.

I went back to it the next day and how wrong was I. Now I've got the instructions sorted and understood its actually quite straight forward and I seem to be getting on really well with it. Yey

I'm at row 30 and its about 12" long (I need to get to 17" and then start the edging). I've done the stitches quite tight and think they may supposed to be a little looser but I like how its looking so far so don't mind I'm using Black-purple-grey Kauni lace-weight and its really nice to use. It does feel a little scratchy but I'm hoping with a bit of a wash once its finished it will soften up a bit.

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