Saturday, 17 September 2011

Further adventures in spinning

So following my drop spindle experiments I've started with the spinning wheel.

So I cheated a little and still split the wool right down into thin strips. Alot thinner than I did with the drop spindle.

Following watching loads of youtube videos (I liked the stuff by this woman and this also) I was all set up and got spinning.

It worked alot better than I expected to (I put it down to the preparation not actual skill yet) and is definitely more even than my drop spindle yarn was.

I think I might be over spinning it a bit and I defiantly need to work on getting it to wind onto the bobbin more evenly but hopefully will get better with practice :)

I've done some more this evening and have done most of a bobbins worth. Its not perfect but for a first attempt I'm really pleased with it :)


  1. you can really see good progression Sally, fab!

  2. It looks great, I find using really thin strips helps a lot, especially for spinning very fine yarns

  3. Thanks both.

    I did as you suggested on my previous post and split it down into loads of bits and your right it came out much better. thanks :)