Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Yarn Bowls and other lovely stuff

I went and picked up my new yarn bowl yesterday and its lovely so thought I'd share

It has been custom made for me by a local pottery. I decided I'd quite like a yarn bowl a while ago. I looked online initially and found very few places in the UK that made yarn bowls and none of them had ones that really jumped out and said buy me :( I looked then further afield and found more available in the US but was put off by the fact I would essentially be getting a breakable item posted all the way from the US to here and with my luck I'd just get a package full of lovely pottery shards. So my light-bulb moment came when I was driving home from the supermarket passed a local pottery, I popped in to ask on the off chance they made them. They didn't :( but the lovely lady there offered to make one for me if I supplied her some pictures to show what exactly it was :)

Well I've had a few other new things into my crafty stash over the last few months and think they deserve a bit of a mention as well. 

These include a sunflower swift

This is very well made, feels really sturdy and spins very smoothly so I can highly recommend them if your in the market for a swift. I bought mine through Skeins and it arrived in a couple of days.

I also got a new spindle and nostepinne made by Enid Ashcroft.

the spindle is made of zebrano with an oak spindle (tech bit for those that want to know is whorl diameter 1 3/4", spindle length 9 1/2", weight 29g) and the nostepinne is made of cherry and has a WIP gauge on it as well which is useful. 

A Jumbo flyer kit for my ashford traditional that I got on Ravelry

and finally I've had a few fiber clubs arrive this last month. 

The first is from playatlifefiberarts

Its dyed Polwarth and the colourway's called Jacks Lament based on the nightmare before christmas. The colours are lovely and very me I would have probably picked something similar to this were I shopping for fibre so am really please with it. I've had a message to say this month is on its way from the US so just waiting to see what shes done this month.

The second has been dyed by Longdrawjames and is called fireworks in the bedroom and is dyed in some lovely shades of pink, purple and orange. Not something I would have usually picked but I actually really like it.


  1. Love the yarn bowl and what a fantastic idea to give work to local craftspeople, if only more people did that perhaps Stoke potteries and the like would not have disappeared.
    I love my sunflower swift too and yummy yarn stash !

  2. Thanks :) She's made it really well (its the first time she's made a yarn bowl as she'd never heard of them before) and it has this lovely blue & black glaze to it. I'm really pleased with how she's done it and it cost me less than buying one online with postage so a bargain as well.