Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tales of the Kitchen

Well its been rather an eventful couple of weeks here with both boys being ill, several trips to the hospital and then I got it too :( But on the positive side we have started putting the new kitchen in :) though with this and the boys I have managed to do very little else hence my lack of updates on here over the past 2 weeks (sorry).

So I have nothing crafty to add this week (I do have a FO for Friday) but my new mixer arrived this morning (I'm very excited), a pressie from my lovely grandma to go in my new kitchen when its finished :)

Its a Red Kmix and its very nice. I can't wait now for the kitchen to be finished so I can start using it. 

I've mentioned before about the state of my kitchen so I thought I might put a bit more here about what's been going on.

We decided about 2 years ago we would like more space but couldn't really afford to move to a bigger house so instead applied for planning to extend out current home. Work started 4th April 2010. We are still doing it lol. We had hoped to be done by Christmas last year at the latest but looks like we may be lucky if its finished by this Christmas instead.

My Kitchen went out of action about sept/oct last year really when they knocked down the walls.

though they did leave me the units for a while.

Our new kitchen was delivered last November with the idea it would be put in fairly soon after that. How wrong we were

about 6 months ago the units went also and I was left with the cooker and a small plactic set of draws on wheels for the kitchen. About this time also I lost all the electric to the kitchen so had to use extension leads if I actually wanted to turn anything on and have been using the bathroom sink for water and washing up since then.

But things are finally looking like there is light at the end of the tunnel. The walls are all plastered and painted now. We have electric and light to most of the new kitchen.

And we now have a floor. (need a jumping smiley here really)

Finally over the last couple of weeks we have started to put together the units that were delivered 11 months ago and I have my living room back. Woohoo

Now all i need is a good carpenter to put all the work surfaces on properly for me and I can finally cook again :)

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