Friday, 14 October 2011

Creative stitches and Hobbycrafts show, Cardiff

A bit over a week ago I went to the Creative stitches and hobbycraft show in Cardiff with my mum and the boys. We had a fab day there was so much to see. I thought the boys might get a little bored and show off but they seemed to really enjoy it too.

The boys really liked the All2knit above and below the waves exhibit and it was very impressive. It was done to raise money for the RNLI and had about 2000 people donating items to be used in the display.

(He loved the pirates)

They are already planning their next project which will be based around books so I am very tempted to try and make something to send in. (there's a short film here about it too, and more pics here)

On the purchasing side there was sooo much I could have come away with. In the end I bought a giant tunisian hook and some Hoopla yarn (its made from t shirt fabric remnants) from this lady. She was really helpful and had a nice setup where you could try out knitting/crocheting with the stuff before you bought.

The hook is huge (I've put a normal hook and a size 4 and 10 tunisian in the pic to give you an idea of the size) and I'm thinking on making some nice rugs with it. My eldest also picked out some multicolour yarn he wants me to make him a blanket out of. My mum bought some gorgeous silk lace from this lady, got a lace making kit after having a go at bobbin lace making on the guild stand and bought a load of bargain Debbie Bliss from theblacksheep.

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun :)

    The hook is really huge - but I bet it'll make amazing rugs (I also saw a bathmat made out of t-shirt fabric using a giant hook, which looked great)