Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hexibag and some lovely mini skeins

My lovely new project bag has arrived today, Yey

Its been made by a lovely etsy seller Picperfic. Its a hexibag and inspired by the Beekeeper quilt as a project bag to keep everything you would need for creating your hexapuffs but I think it would be good for loads of other things too. Its a brilliant size and really well made :)

And it comes with this funky little bee on the back :)

I've also had this months mini skeins through from the knittinggoddess. I've signed up to their monthly mini skeins club with the idea of doing something like the Beekeepers quilt or maybe a crochet squares sampler quilt as a sort of one a day project over the next few months/year. I've started balling them up to go with the others I already have.

I've made a start on my first Hexapuff though I think I am going to do a crochet version rather than the original knitted one as I have had a few attempts at that now and think I really am just not a knitter at heart. I'm not totally convinced I will keep doing them as a blanket yet I may switch to squares but will see how it goes for now.

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