Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My first WIP wednesday post

OK so I've been reading on a few other blogs where they do WIP (work in progress) Wednesday and thought I might give it a go. I figured it may help me finish off some of those project that I seem to have been doing since forever but never actually finishing. I'm afraid I'm not actually doing any crochet or knitting bits this week which seem to be more the focus of WIP but I promise to try and get some started. So here goes, this is a summary of all the little bits I've got on the go this week.

DS1's Quilt

I started this before christmas and I still haven't managed to finish it yet I've got all the pieces cut and mostly sew together for the back and the front now. I have also nearly finished the spider applique I decided (for reasons unknown at the time) to hand sew on rather than use the machine so has taken forever to do.


I don't like the vases i've got so saw a pattern for making a fabric vase and thought it would be a good way to hide my horrible vases when I have flowers. All the sides on this are finished now its just a case of sewing them together

Quilt along
I've cut alot of the pieces out now from the fabric I had here already. The last few bits I needed have arrived this morning so will carry on cutting pieces and starting to work out my layout this evening.

Craft Fairy
I am taking part in the naturalmamas craft fairy this year. I haven't ever taken part before as I've not really felt I would be good enough but decided to take the plunge and have a go this time. The theory behind this is a little like a secret santa but with crafty things. You are given the name and address and a little information about the person, from which you make them something you think they would like. In return I will receive something handmade from another person. I have had a few ideas for this but haven't actually started yet. As its a secret gift unfortunately I can't really add any pictures of what I'm doing.

Cake Topper
I was asked but a friend to make a cake topper for her wedding cake. This has been a bit of a learning experience for me as I've never done one before but said I'd have a go and am currently on my third attempt at getting it right. The weddings in August so I've got a few weeks left to get it finished. I've got the groom finished just the bride to tackle now :)


  1. Welcome to WIP Wednesady :)

    I love that first quilt, the choice of fabrics in it are amazing! Never heard of a fabric vase cover before, but it sounds like an excellent idea :)

  2. Welcome to wip wednesday!

    Nice looking quilt!

  3. Welcome to WIP Wednesdays :o)
    Lovely projects and fabrics!

  4. Thanks :)

    I picked the fabric for the quilt for my eldest as he's into bugs and ghosts and things so seemed to fit really well even though I think its a Halloween set really. Its Riley Blake Boo to you.

    The vase I found the pattern in a digital mag and really liked the idea, Its not something I'd heard of before either but wanted to have a go

  5. Welcome to WIP Wednesday, and yes, posting on the list is motivating! I hope we get to see the cake topper!

  6. Welcome to WIP Wednesday! The craft swap/secret santa thing sounds awesome!

  7. Welcome to WIP Wednesday! I love the halloween quilt you are making :)

  8. You have some gorgeous wrap pieces there. Are they indios?

  9. Yep they are all bits of indio. Have been trying to work out which they all are and think I've got them all worked out now