Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WIP Wednesday - Oops not got very far this week

Well I've had a bit of a bad week when it comes to my sewing this week.

The quilt I am doing as part of the quilt along has gone horribly wrong. I'd gotten the layout sussed and had happily started putting my corners and triangles together when my darling children decided to let the dog into the spare room where it was all laid out. As a result of the following dog attack I was left with this (cry)

I've rescued what I can and finished attaching the corners though some of it is rather frayed now so think it may take some artistic piecing to get it all together. So that's as far as I have gotten with that. Am hoping to nip out later and pick up some more fabric for the solid triangles as I don't seem to have enough here.

DS1's quilt is still the same as last week, as is the vase.

I am planning on starting the summer sampler series quilt this week hopefully if I get chance. Have got lots of scraps I'm planning on using on it so should be nice and colourful hopefully :)

I have managed to make alot of progress on my craft fairy gift unfortunately I can't add any pics of that as its a secret gift.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about your quilt! I had to stop putting my quilts on the floor because the cat thought they were her blankets. But she never attacked them. Sigh... I hope you're able to salvabe most of it!

  2. Thank you for sharing your disaster. It made me smile to remember all those times my little people have had fun rearranging my carefully laid out work. The quilt will be all the better for those 'helpful' hands and paws xxx

  3. Oh no!!!! That is the worst. You totally need a design wall. : ) I just nailed a flannel sheet up on the wall, works great! Good luck getting it back together, and thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  4. @ Lee - A design wall what a fantastic idea xx