Sunday, 10 July 2011

Quilt Along Update

Well I'm getting a little behind so am going to have to do alot of sewing this week to try and catch up but I have been playing with my layout this week and am finally happy with how its going to look.

I've used Didymos wrap scraps to cut the patterned pieces from so from a distance the quilt seems to be made from solid colours but when you look closely you can see the lovely pattern in the fabric.

If I've identified them correctly it will be made up from the following indios

Indio Purpur-Elfenbein(40% linen, 60% cotton) i think
Indio kobald rouge mit Leinen/Indio Cobalt Rouge (40% linen, 60% cotton)
Indio april 
Black and white
Blue and white
Colourgrown brown

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