Friday, 26 August 2011

Lots of lovely things

Well I've had a few lovely things arrive here this week for me to have a play at crafting with.

I've got a drop spindle set from Nimu Yarns.  This does mean I now have to watch loads of youtube tutes on  how to use a drop spindle as I have no idea :) I did try this once at a craft fair when I was about 7, I remember the lady telling me I was really good and giving me a bag of wool to take home and have a go with. She told me I could make a drop spindle from a wooden knitting needle and a potato to practice with. I thought I'd be a bit posher and buy myself a nice wooden one this time though. The colours aren't coming out too well in my pics but they really are a lovely shade of blue, purple and green.

I also saw a pattern for a scoop neck top I wanted to knit on coatscrafts. The pattern called for Patons Morocco Aran yarn which happened to be on offer so ordered some in the green/magenta/lilac colourway.

I wasn't sure if I had all the right size double point needles and knew I definitely needed one of the circular sizes required which meant I got to do a bit of needle shopping too just to add to the lovely packages I got this week.

Now I just need to find the time inbetween everything else to actually make things :)

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