Thursday, 4 August 2011

Apparently I'm now AurorMoon74 :)

Well I saw on a friends facebook about Pottermore JK Rowlings new Harry Potter project which according to the about page is

a unique online reading experience created by J.K. Rowling and built around the Harry Potter books. Share and participate in the stories, showcase your own Potter-related creativity, and discover additional information about the world of Harry Potter from the author herself. (see original page here)

During this week they are running a sort of competition where by answering a question and finding a magic quill you can have the chance to register early and test the site before its general launch in October. They are adding a question at a random time for a set number of people to register each day. Well having just been to see the film this week I thought I'd have a nosey at the site and actually managed to go on when the question was posted, and I knew the answer so I am one of the lucky few to be registered early for Pottermore and according to the site am now known as AurorMoon74 :)

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