Monday, 29 August 2011

When chicken littles dad meets the bird of his dreams

So I was asked by a friend to make a cake topper for her wedding. But she wanted something a little different. She wanted the groom to be a chicken and the bride to be a pigeon. So having never made a wedding cake topper before I go and say yes. I mean I might as well jump in the deep end, not go for something plain and easy, that would be too simple :)

Well her wedding was on Sunday and I did manage to get it finished in time and am sooo pleased with how its turned out especially as its the first I've done.

What I didn't realise when I agreed to do it (and probably better that I didn't know really) was it was actually going on top of the cake. Eeeek. I thought I was just to go on the table standing at the side of the wedding cake until she told me as I dropped it off. I think had I known it was going to go on top I might not have done it so am glad in a way that bombshell was dropped at the end not the beginning.

Altogether I'm pleased I did it, it turned out really well. Now I just need to find more unsuspecting people who want me to make cake toppers for them as I enjoyed doing it LOL.

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