Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday 7

What have I been working on this week. Well my good intentions of finishing my Tunisian blanket haven't quite panned out as I planned and its still not finished. I am however down to the next to last colour so fingers crossed it will be done this week just the rest of the green and a cream stripe to go.

I have worked some more on my Bavarian crochet shawl which is coming along nicely though the yarn I'm using is starting to annoy me a little as it keeps splitting.

I have also been working on the wedding cake topper I was asked to make. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute the wedding is this weekend so I have to get it finished in the next couple of days or I'm going to have one unhappy bride.

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  1. Pretty shawlette ... I like the stripey blanket too. I'm working on a color-blocked blanket, just regular crochet. I like the colors in the Bavarian shawl.

  2. What a cute shawl! Absolutely ingenious construction!