Saturday, 6 August 2011

Finished Objects Friday (Yey finally have something)

I actually have some things I can put on this week. Yey

I've finished my knitting needle roll for which I used the tutorial from the blog made by loulabelle. Its made with Alexander Henry bright on white cho cho butterflies fabric and a piece of dyed zara white (a babywrap) on a black background. The ribbon was some I found in the house. I had a little fun doing the edging with the ribbon as I have used bias binding when I made these before and the ribbon kept catching as I was sewing but I got there eventually.

I also finished one for my mum to match the project bag I made her for mothers day earlier this year.

For other finished items please see Tami's blog 

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  1. Those both look so elegant! The broad ties remind me of obis on a kimono. Really beautiful work. :)